The Port of Maceió is managed by the Administration of the Port of Maceió (APMC), linked to Companhia Docas Rio Grande do Norte (CODERN). Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, between the beaches of Pajuçara and Jaraguá, it is considered a “natural port”, which facilitates the docking of vessels. Its geographic coordinates are: Latitude: 09°41’00’’ S and Longitude: 35°43’00’.

Among the main products transported, sugar, salt, fertilizer, gasoline and molasses stand out. The main highways that connect the Port of Maceió to its hinterland are AL-101, BR-316, BR-104 and BR-101.

The Port of Maceió has 5 warehouses, 4 of which are external with an area of ​​1,600 m² and a useful capacity of 12,000 m³ each, and 01 are internal at the Commercial Pier with an area of ​​6,000 m² and a static capacity of 15,000 m³ of cereals. Paved yard with an area of ​​26,000m² for moving and storing containers. Berth with a depth of 08.50 m, prepared to operate ships from the most modern fleets in the world, Panamax type (12.04 m draft).

Improvements at the Maceió Dock began in 1875. The pier was inaugurated in 1940, but operations officially began in 1942, when the first shipment of sugar took place. In 1990, PORTOBRAS, then manager, was extinguished and the Administration of the Port of Maceió became linked to CODERN.

Rua Sá e Albuquerque S/N - Jaraguá - Maceió/AL CEP: 57022-180

+55 82 2121-2500

General information

Latitude: 09°41’00’’ S

Longitude: 35°43’00’’ O

Main Products Transported

Bulk Sugar


Crude Oil

Diesel oil

Bulk Fertilizer




4 External Warehouses

1.600m² of area

12.000m³ of useful capacity

1 Internal Warehouse

6.000m² of area

15.000m³ of useful capacity