Port of Maceió launches new website and modernizes access to information

09/07/2024 16:42:00 | Noticias

New portal has ship schedule, indicators, history and transparency


Consolidating success, cruise season breaks record; Port of Maceió forecasts growth in 24/25

10/05/2024 10:14:57 | Noticias

After the great success of the 2023/2024 cruise season, which ended at the end of April, the expectation is that the next one will be even bigger. According to data from the Port of Maceió, the 2023/2024 season was the largest in history, with an intense flow of ships in five months of operation.


New tourist attraction: Porto de Maceió signs service order for requalification of the Porto Waterfront

18/03/2024 09:20:25 | Noticias

The Administration of the Port of Maceió (APMC), in partnership with the Ministry of Ports and Airports and the City of Maceió, promoted a ceremony, this Friday (15), which marks another advance in the history of Porto.


Free visit: Port of Maceió receives sailing ship “Cisne Branco” this weekend

14/03/2024 09:27:13 | Noticias

The Sailboat (NVe) “Cisne Branco” (U20), from the Brazilian Navy (MB), will dock at the Port of Maceió on March 15th, and will be open to free public visits on March 16th, from 12pm at 5pm and on March 17


The area surrounding the Port of Maceió will be reclassified by the City Hall; Signing of the Service Order takes place this Friday (15)

13/03/2024 09:32:02 | Noticias

With the aim of further integrating the Port of Maceió into the city, becoming an urban and tourist facility, the Administration of the Port of Maceió (APMC) will cede the area surrounding the Port to the municipality of Maceió so that requalification can be carried out.


Port of Maceió participates in the 2nd stage of the Orla Program Planning Workshop

27/02/2024 10:55:40 | Noticias

Representatives of the Administration of the Port of Maceió (APMC) are participating in the second stage of the Orla Program Participatory Planning Workshop, which began this Monday (27th) and will take place until Friday (1st), in the Federation auditorium of Industries of the State of Alagoas (FIEA).


Port of Maceió Receives Visit from IPLAN and Contributes to the Maceió Waterfront Requalification Project

01/02/2024 10:14:57 | Noticias

The Port of Maceió received the technical team from IPLAN (Institute of Research and Urban Planning of Maceió) and the Architecture and Design office Índio da Costa, responsible for the requalification project of the Urban stretch of Orla de Maceió, this Monday and Wednesday (29 and 31).