10/05/2024 10:14:57 Ascom Porto de Maceió | Noticias

Consolidating success, cruise season breaks record; Port of Maceió forecasts growth in 24/25

Ascom Porto de Maceió

After the great success of the 2023/2024 cruise season, which ended at the end of April, the expectation is that the next one will be even bigger. According to data from the Port of Maceió, the 2023/2024 season was the largest in history, with an intense flow of ships in five months of operation. In total, there were 10 ships, which made 28 stops, handling more than 100 thousand passengers at the Passenger Terminal at the Port of Maceió.

The expectation is that 148 thousand beds will be offered in the season that starts in November this year and runs until April 2025. There will be 14 ships, making 33 stops at the Port of Maceió.

Celebrating the success of the cruise season, the administrator of the Port of Maceió, Diogo Holanda, highlighted the importance for the development of the economy of Alagoas. "Without a doubt, the number of ships and beds in the season is crucial to the success of the tourism sector, providing an injection into the local economy. The Port of Maceió is aligned with other bodies, in addition to companies, seeking to invest in logistics, promoting improvements in the terminal and in other sectors. The number of passengers has grown year after year and this is the result of serious work by the entire team. We have finished one season and are excited about organizing the next one, which according to the forecast, will continue. bigger than this. We will join forces to guarantee logistics, safety and comfort for passengers who will disembark in Maceió", he stated.

At the Passenger Terminal, visitors were welcomed with Alagoas cultural attractions, as well as stands displaying local products, such as craft objects and Alagoas gastronomy items. Furthermore, the Port of Maceió has established partnerships with state and municipal departments to offer security, health care and promotion of the state's tourist destinations.

Credits/Photos: Ascom Setur Alagoas