The Port of Maceió, committed to the development of the port sector and the economy of Alagoas, has promoted advances in the areas of infrastructure, logistics, environmental and administrative in recent times. The efficiency of the processes carried out by the Maceió Port Administration (APMC) has been reflected in the results presented, such as the increase in cargo movement and the number of passenger ships.

Our strategic geographical position, combined with operational improvements, guarantee the Port of Maceió an excellent cost-benefit ratio, which favors the growth in movements year after year. In management, we prioritize the efficiency of port flow, providing excellent logistics for production chains. In this way, ensuring good operational and administrative functioning and making good use of resources, we help to strengthen the economy and contribute directly to the development of Alagoas and the people of Alagoas.

Our objective is to speed up processes and guarantee more legal security to attract new investors, thus bringing in more companies and generating jobs and income in our region. To achieve this, we have a competent technical team committed to the goals established by the Administration. I have no doubt that we will further boost results and bring innovation to our activities.

Our commitment is also made to sustainability and environmental standards, also developing mechanisms to mitigate the impact of cargo movements on the environment.

Valuing public assets is essential for us to continue making progress and achievements. Let's move on!

Diogo Holanda
Administrator of the Port of Maceió