18/03/2024 09:20:25 Ascom Porto de Maceió | Noticias

New tourist attraction: Porto de Maceió signs service order for requalification of the Porto Waterfront

Ascom Porto de Maceió

The Administration of the Port of Maceió (APMC), in partnership with the Ministry of Ports and Airports and the City of Maceió, promoted a ceremony, this Friday (15), which marks another advance in the history of Porto. On that occasion, service orders were signed for the non-onerous transfer of the area surrounding the Port of Maceió to the municipality of Maceió and for the start of works, which will be carried out by the municipal executive. Present at the ceremony were the Administrator of the Port of Maceió, Diogo Holanda; the Minister of Ports and Airports, Silvio Costa Filho; the president of the Chamber of Deputies, federal deputy Arthur Lira; and the mayor of Maceió, JHC.

The investment in the work will be more than R$8.2 million in Maceió City Council's own resources. The project, which has a total built area of ??24.70133m², includes the installation of a sidewalk, cycle path, gym equipment, landscaping deck, wooden playground furniture, jogging track and medium and large vegetation. At the ceremony, the Port Administrator, Diogo Holanda, stated that the port-city relationship is one of the management's priorities and that the requalification of the stretch will guarantee even greater integration between Porto and the city and population of Maceió.

“It is an honor to welcome you at this moment that marks another advance in our history, with the requalification of the area surrounding the Port of Maceió. Without a doubt, this work will help in the development and contribute to the appreciation of this area. In our activities, we prioritize the integration of the Port with the urban area, so that we can be able to reduce the negative impacts of port operations and activities carried out in urban areas. We are committed to sustainability and environmental standards, developing mechanisms and constantly dialoguing with public and private bodies involved in this port-city relationship”, he said.