Port Authority Board

The Port Authority Council – CAP is a consultative body for the administration of the Port of Maceió, established in all ports organized under art. 20 of Law No. 12,815, of June 5, 2013, with the powers set out in art. 36 of Decree No. 8,033, of June 27, 2013, which are, suggest:

I - changes to the port’s operating regulations;
II - changes to the port’s development and zoning plan;
III - actions to promote the rationalization and optimization of the use of port facilities;
IV - measures to promote industrial and commercial activity in the port;
V - actions aimed at developing mechanisms to attract loads;
VI - measures aimed at stimulating competitiveness; and
VII - other measures and actions of interest to the port.

CAP is made up of three groups - public authorities, businesspeople and port workers, which have full and alternate members, as follows:

I – Public Power:

a) four representatives of the Union, from among whom the president of the council will be chosen;
b) a representative of the maritime authority;
c) a representative of the port administration;
d) a representative of the State where the port is located; and
e) a representative of the Municipalities where the port or organized ports covered by the concession are located;

II – business class, being:

a) two representatives of port facility lease holders;
b) a representative of the port operators; and
c) a user representative; and

II – the class of port workers, being:

a) two representatives of independent port workers; and
b) two representatives of other port workers.


Ministry of Infrastructure - Federal Government
Holder: Ana Carolina Souza do Bomfim – President of CAP
Substitute: Alessandro Rodrigues de Lemos Paula Marques

Government of the State of Alagoas
Owner:Ricardo Tenório Dória
Substitute: Paulo Roberto Kugelmas

Municipality of Maceió

Port Authority
Owner:Joése de Andrade Bandeira Leandro
Substitute:Antônio Carlos Costa

National Health Surveillance Agency – ANVISA

International Agricultural Surveillance System – VIGIAGRO
Owner: Klinger Fernandes Pimentel

Brazilian Federal Revenue Secretariat
Owner: Ivonilton de Araújo Mendonça
Substitute: Amaildo Tonidandel

Maritime Authority - Brazilian Navy
Owner: Wendell Petrocelli de Lima
Substitute: Roberto Wallace Braga Lata Junior
By the holders of leases for port facilities in the Organized Port, nominated by the Brazilian Association of Terminals and Bonded Precincts – ABTRA
Owner: Maurício Eduardo de Toledo
Substitute: Angelino Caputo and Oliveira

By the holders of leases for port facilities in the Organized Port, nominated by the Brazilian Association of Port Terminals - ABTP

By representatives of Port Operators, nominated by the Port Workers Union

By user representatives appointed by the Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Association of Paranaguá and the Brazilian Foreign Trade Association - AEB
Holder: Aluisio de Souza Sobreira
By the representatives of Casual Port Workers of Porto, nominated by the National Stevedoring Federation
Owner: Sydnss Fernando dos Santos Costa
Substitute: José Fernandes Costa Neto

By other local Port Workers, nominated by the National Federation of Port Workers - FNP
Owner: Ailton da Silva Alves
Substitute:Jabson Levino Silva
Owner: Maxwell Pontes de Lima
Substitute: Fernando Antônio Maia

By other local port workers, nominated by the National Federation of Loading and Unloading Lecturers and Fixers, Port Watchmen, Block Workers, Ushers and Ship Tiers – FENCCOVIB
Owner: Marcos Antônio Oliveira dos Santos
National Waterway Transport Agency - ANTAQ
José Y Plá Trevas