PUBLIC INTEGRITY Public integrity can be understood as the consistent alignment and adherence to common values, principles and ethical standards to sustain and prioritize the public interest over private interests. private sectors in the public sector (OECD, 2018).

THE SAID INTEGRITY, THEY SAID CGU - GENERAL CONTROLLER OF THE UNION! CGU – The Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) is the internal control body of the Federal Government responsible for carrying out activities related to the defense of public assets and increasing management transparency, through public audit actions, correction, prevention and fight against corruption and ombudsman. The CGU must also exercise, as a Central Body, technical supervision of the 5 bodies that comprise it: Federal Secretariat for Internal Control, Secretariat for Combating Corruption, Secretariat for Transparency and Prevention of Corruption, Ombudsman-General of the Union and General Inspectorate of Union, providing the necessary normative guidance.


CODERN has an INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE, designed to adopt procedures for structuring, executing and monitoring its Integrity programs.